Warning: Do not let YOUR CHILDREN become the VICTIMS of your divorce.

Would you like your children to emerge from your divorce happy, mentally healthy and better prepared to face the challenges of life?

Despite what people say this is entirely possible and with the right help it is even probable.

Make no mistake…

Divorce can and does ruin children’s lives.

But it really does not have to be that way.

David Kaup, experienced author of the book Immigrant Millionaire Mind and many published articles including ‘Good and Bad Supervision In Corrections’ and ‘Attitude Change At the County Sheriff’s Department.’ has suffered through his own hellish divorce.

His experience made him determined to help others in the same position.

He set out to learn everything he could about how to handle a divorce properly to reduce financial hardship, conflict and most importantly damage to the children.

He then studied to become a paralegal and over the course of the last 15 years has helped countless people to divorce with the least pain possible. While doing so he has seen and heard it all and learned just about everything there is to know about the right way to split up.

Now he has used his writing skills to put all his knowledge into an outstanding book on divorcing without hurting your children.


If you want to guarantee that your kids will come out of your divorce with absolutely no mental scarring Divorce And My Children is the book you MUST have.

David would like to tell you about his book and his story in his own words.


Dear Friend,

Some marriages end with a bang, some with a whimper – mine ended with World War Three.

I am going to be completely honest with you and tell you I am not qualified to help you with your divorce because mine went so brilliantly – I am qualified because I made every mistake in the book, endured a horrible painful mess and then had to acquire a huge amount of knowledge to fix it.

The second bit of honesty I am going to share with you hurts the most. I got my divorce so wrong that my children really did suffer, and it affected their future. I have to live with that and I my dearest wish is that other people take benefit from my knowledge and avoid this damage to their children.

My sons during my divorce

I wrote this book to help all the people out there that are desperate to get out of their marriage with the least damage to them and their children as possible without having to spend vast amount of time and money, like I had to.

If you have children and are in the middle of a divorce then you are currently going through one of the most painful, stressful periods of your life.

And the thing that will be worrying you the most, the issue that will really be chewing at your soul is “ will my divorce ruin my children? ”. It is a truly terrible thing to feel like you are caught between doing the right thing for yourself…OR the right thing for your children. I know because I have been there.

Your Happiness or Theirs?

For most parents that is a no brainer and we will choose the happiness of our children every time. As a result I personally suffered in silence through a marriage that made me truly miserable. And I know I am not the only one.

BUT as I know from experience, it is not that easy. How do you know what to do for the best? I could not find anyone with the answers, so I tried to go it alone and the results were darn near disastrous for both my kids and myself. Please don’ t make my mistake – get the help on offer as soon as you can.

One thing I have learned is divorce really can be done in a healthy way that will not only allow your children to remain emotionally stable but can actually leave them better prepared for life. Obviously I am not advocating divorce as a great option for all – I have simply learned, after dealing with thousands of divorcing couples with kids- that it does not have to affect your children in a way that changes their future for the worse.

And isn’t that what you are really afraid of? That by escaping your marriage you will change who your children are and rob them of their happy future selves? I know it is what kept me awake at night.

Divorce And My Children was written for people just like you and it is designed to make sure that your worst fears for your children never come true. The most satisfying thing for me has been the amazing feedback I have got from ordinary parents going through divorce. To know that Divorce And My Children has helped to keep happy well adjusted kids happy and well adjusted, even after divorce, makes all the hard work and research worth it.

I will share some of that amazing feedback with you in just a second; first I want to outline for you the comprehensive contents of this ebook.


Did someone mention the D word?
  • Defining divorce in a modern world. It does not have to mean just the dissolution of a traditional marriage.
  • A guide to choosing the right attorney for your children and making sure you pay exactly what you should for their services.
  • A blueprint for dealing with a divorce that is high conflict so that it has the lowest impact on your kids.
  • How to adjust your strategy according to the age of your children and why this is of such vital importance.
  • All of the important questions you should consider when it is time for you or your partner to move to somewhere new.
  • Handling and controlling even the strongest of emotions so they are channelled into positive not negative actions.
  • A guide to effective communication that will eliminate 90% of problems before they begin.


The Process of Divorce
  • What is going through your child’s head?
  • Dealing with the inevitable negative behaviour of your children in a positive way.
  • Coping with and minimising the damage caused by an unreasonable partner.
  • Monitoring your behaviour. How to be aware of the signs that your behaviour needs modifying.
  • Monitoring your behaviour. How to be aware of the signs that your behaviour needs modifying.


Picking Up the Pieces: After Divorce
  • Why child support means the world to your kids.
  • How to deal with holidays
  • Parenting in a post divorce world – a guide on discipline and caring.
  • Visitation: The issue with the most potential to help or hurt your children.
  • Grandparents have a vital role to play.
  • Creating a successful new family and managing the old and the new together.

All this and more for just $27

As well as all this amazing, well researched and easy to follow advice, Divorce And My Children contains a lot of useful practical resources such as Budget spreadsheets, action plans and inventory spreadsheets. These help to keep you organised and focused on what is really important at a very difficult time.

So back to the fantastic feedback I have been lucky enough to receive. Here is what people are saying about Divorce and Children

Jim Michael – Dartmouth, Canada










It has been really gratifying to hear all from all these people facing similar problems to the ones I did – and to know that I genuinely helped them and their children.

My fondest hope is that you will also allow me to help you with my ebook.

One thing I know better than most though is that divorce is a tricky time financially. I was down and out and nearly bankrupt after my divorce, I am happy to say I am back on top financially now but I know anything you buy at this time in your life has to be the very best value.


I priced the book at an extraordinary low $27. All of my sample groups have indicated they would purchase this e-book at that price and consider it a bargain. This was very encouraging but I was not completely happy with that.

I wanted to give you more. So here are:

The bonuses that make this purchase unique and outstanding value.

Each bonus has been chosen to perfectly compliment the contents of Divorce And My children and to help YOU to a happy and satisfying post divorce life.

This is vital because a happy parent makes for a happy child: I am sure of that.

Use these extraordinary bonuses to get your life on track because, in the end, that is the most important thing you can do for your child.

Bonus: Why Did it HappenBonus 1: Why Did It Happen

As they say, those that do not understand history are doomed to repeat it.
Some people may find this guide a little difficult to take. It does not pull any punches. It makes you take a full inventory of who you are and how that affected your marriage and contributed to a divorce being needed.

Your ex partner is now irrelevant. This guide shows you exactly how to evaluate your own mistakes so you don’t make them again

Independent Value $45



Bonus: Financial RecoveryBonus 2: Financial Recovery

There is good news and bad news in this report but trust me it is all news you cannot do without if you want to get your finances back on track.

The bad news is it is very true that two can live more cheaply than one – so divorce is going to hurt you financially, no doubt.

But the good news is no matter how bad it is two years will see your finances looking hearty and healthy – if you follow the comprehensive step by step process in this bonus guide.

Independent Value $45


Bonus 3 – Changing Your Name

There is a whole lot of psychology behind the decision to change your name after a divorce. This guide looks at the mental effects you may not think of. If you choose to take this path this bonus covers the process for changing your name in whatever area you live.

Even if this is not something you are considering right now, studies show that in the long term the majority of women will change their names. If and when the time comes this bonus will make things painless.

Independent Value $30


Bonus 4: Dating AgainBonus 4 – Dating Again

Divorce hurts. And you are possibly a very long way from considering dating again but believe me the time will come.

When it does it pays to have a clear head and to know what to expect and how to act. After dealing with the trials and tribulations of a divorce the last thing your kids need is to see you get involved in a messy new relationship.

Use this checklist of do’s and don’ts to make sure your post divorce dating is not a disaster.

Independent Value $35


Bonus 5: RemarriageBonus 5 – Remarriage.

Re marrying is probably the furtherest thing from your mind right now and for many of us post divorce sends a shudder down our spine. BUT it is a distinct possibility that one day you will be ready to take the plunge again. Many divorcees do.

This guide takes you through the etiquette of a second or third marriage and how to blend the old with the new into a mix that is successful for everyone.

Independent Value $35



These bonuses help guarantee you a happy post divorce future!

My second wedding reception!

I know how painful divorce can be, and I also know that the added worry of the effect of it on your children can nearly drive you over the edge. I have been through it. And at the time there was no quality resource to help me.

I become determined to create one.

My work as a paralegal helping all kinds of people divorce amicably plus the countless hours of research I have put into learning about the topic to create a resource that is failure proof. With Divorce And My Children I have strived very hard to and – feedback would indicate – succeeded in filling the gap in the market that made things so hard for me.

My aim was not to make a lot of money so I have priced accordingly. With the bonuses included independent forces estimate the value of this package at around $250. I ask only $27.

This is a clear saving of $223

Think how much the mental well being of your children is worth to you and measure that against a one off payment of $27 I know I would gladly and gratefully have paid it when I was in your position. I have no doubt you feel the same.

The price is clearly right so there is only one possible question left in your mind ‘will this work for me and my kids?” I want to give you my personal and heartfelt promise that it will. Because I believe so passionately in my product I also want to put my money where my mouth is and give you a unique guarantee.

I am not an alarmist and it is not my intention to scare people. I think the statistics on divorce and its effect on children are frightening enough. Rather I have a positive message:

Divorce does not have to hurt your children.

But I also have a warning.

Your children cannot afford for you to learn by trial and error.

My two boys are fine now and both living healthy, productive lives.


One of my son's with his nephew

Wedding day, not me this time!











But nothing can be totally fixed after the damage is done.

That is why I urge you to take this offer of help right away. This is not a situation where you can afford to get it wrong the first time and fix it later.

Divorce And My Children is the best resource on the market for totally eliminating the trial and error and achieving an amicable divorce – you owe to your kids to download, read and act right away.


X-mas after divorce. There is always hope!






















P.S When you consider that the overall value of this package is around $250, the asking price of $27 seems a very small price to pay for protecting your children’s mental health. You are getting well over 5 times the value of your money.

PPS. If you are doing everything you can but your partner refuses to listen to reason Divorce And My Children can still help you! In fact you need this book to show you exactly how to make sure a unreasonable partner does not ruin your children’s lives.

PPS. One final thing for you to consider, the longer you hesitate in a marriage filled with conflict the worse the effect may be on your children. Even if you are just thinking about divorce NOW is the time to find out everything you can about conflict, divorce and your children. Your children’s future happiness may depend on it. Click here to download.